January 29, 2013

Duck Hunt on last day of season!

My good friend and hunting buddy, Mark, took me to a sweet spot on the last day of the season!  Not 20 minutes from my house.  He told me there was a small pond surrounded by trees in a 12 acre cow pasture that he had access to.  He told me there were tons of ducks piling into that spot.  My waterfowl luck hasn't been so great in the past few years, so I wasn't all that optimistic, but I am always game for a hunting opportunity!

Well, to say the lease, we hammered them.  We were done 30 minutes after shooting time began.  It would have been sooner if I was "on" at the beginning.  All told, we each took limit, totaling 12 birds (6 wood ducks and 6 gadwalls).  The pond we were hunting on was shallow on one end (up to the waist), and way over your head on the other end.  As we didn't have a dog, Mark brought his "retriever" (aka fishing pole with a  top lure) that we used to get the birds!  Brilliant!  Took us a little bit to get them all, but we got em.  Great hunt, Mark!

Mark also gave me some waders he used for his kids, and my daughter is ready for next season! 

Enjoy the photos:
Mark the retriever
The haul (6 woodies, 6 gadwalls)
Wood duck pair

Next season!

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